Pallet Shield

Pallet shield

Economy meets perfection

Whether you run 1 forklift or hundreds, the patented Pallet Shield is there to protect your business from product and pallet damage. The Pallet Shield is made in the USA using solid steel and installs in minutes on any class II ANSI approved carriage.

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Pallet Shield PRO

Pallet shield pro

No Rookies on this job… just total PRO

When you have problems you better radio in the PRO to arrest the damage! The patented Pallet Shield PRO is similar to the Pallet Shield but employ’s a patented lifting faceplate to guard against catching on racking systems and dock plates. The Pallet Shield PRO will fit any class II ANSI approved carriage, and due to its size is the perfect application for any REACH TRUCK.

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Product Protector

Product protector

The ultimate in full coverage protection

Today’s business climate is more challenging than ever and if your competition is using a Product Protector then the game is no longer even. The patented Product Protector offers full coverage protection by allowing the force of the forklift to be dispersed evenly across all three stringer or blocks protecting both the pallet and the product.

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Product Protector supports our distributors by only selling through authorized distributors both domestically and internationally. This has been the number one request since winning the most Innovative Product Award for the Material Handling Industry in 2014. Create added value for your customers and forge a profitable advantage for your company. Arrest the damage!