About Us

Want to know how our Original Product Protector was able to win the 2014 MODEX Innovation of the Year Award? It is because Product Protector’s forklift carriage device has been proven to drastically reduce pallet damage and product damage in warehouse situations. While common, this sort of damage no longer has to be part of your process thanks to our cutting-edge equipment. We also engineer and design other Special Protection Devices for forklifts with Fork Positioner and Single/Double attachments.

There are many different forklift carriages out there, and our team has done the hard work necessary to ensure that we have a device that will work with your specific equipment.

Once you find the right size, you will have a protective device that not only perfectly fits the carriage of your forklift, but also expertly distributes the impact and holds the pallet/product away from the forks.

Safety is what we are concerned with, and our products are designed not just for the safety of your products and pallets, but also your drivers. That is why we have designed our forklift carriage devices to increase driver visibility. This gives your operators more visibility so your warehouse can reduce its safety concerns.

Contact us to learn more about our Original Product Protector and company. We are committed to providing the very best in services to our clients located across the country.