Protecting Pallets, Products, and Hydraulic Hoses with our CPDv2 & CPDv3 Equipment

Have you already been using our Product Protector? Then you already know just how powerful and useful it is when it comes to protecting your pallets and products. Want to add some hydraulic hose protection to your new system as well to avoid damage to your forklift? Then you are going to want to try out our CPSv2 and CPSv3 forklift carriage devices.

Designed for both Class II and Class III carriages, these devices are center protection shields that give even more protection to not just your products and pallets, but also your forklift itself. When you use our equipment on your machinery, you are making a smart decision to reduce your overhead by minimizing loss due to damage.

In addition to our center protection shields, Product Protector is proud to present to you our center protection devices for Class II and Class III carriages. Protecting hydraulic hoses is something that every warehouse needs to be aware of if they don’t want to spend a fortune replacing damaged forklifts.

With our forklift carriage devices, you are able to rest easy knowing that your forklifts are not going to be easily damaged in their sensitive center. We are proud to offer you everything you need to improve the safety of your Class II and Class III carriages.

Exceptional Center Protection Devices

The CPDv2Made from 1.0” solid steel bar and featuring a full coverage center plate, our center protection devices are the perfect solution for providing complete protection for the hydraulic hoses and free-lift cylinders located in the center of the carriage. Our CPDv2, which is designed for Class II carriages, and our CPDv3, which is designed for Class III carriages, provide comprehensive pallet and product protection for you.

Both of our center protection devices feature a 16.25”-wide, solid steel pivoting lower bar that is engineered to handle any larger pallets you come across. This includes double center riser pallets. When using our items, you can rest assured that the point of contact is always going to be below the pallet’s lead board. This helps to reduce wear and tear when lifting and moving your pallets around.

Additionally, the forward-pivoting function featured on our devices prevents damage when backing out of dock plates, rack systems, or trailer door locks. Finally, everything is zinc coated to prevent corrosion and extend the life of our devices.

A Key Addition to Your Warehouse

Weighing less than 45-pounds, our CPDv2 and CPDv3 devices help you reduce costs while providing additional protection to your forklift center hydraulics, pallets, and products. Furthermore, no re-rate is typically required, which means you are going to easily see the value that comes with adding our equipment to your machinery.

Contact us to place your order for our CPDv2 or CPDv3 hydraulic hose protectors. We are fulfilling orders for clients located across the country.

THE UHMW WEAR PAD (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene)

UHMW is a high-density polyethylene resin famed for its durability, abrasion resistance, impact resistant, low-temperature performance (to -180 degrees F) and low coefficient of friction properties.

The size of the Wear Pad can be adjusted to accommodate product that may overhang the pallet, by as much as two inches, holding the pallet away from the forks and creating the space needed to eliminate damage to your stack.

Another unique design element is that the UHMW Wear Pads are replaceable saving you time, money and increase the overall ROI.

Replaceable, durable, impact resistant, low-temperature performance, and custom sizing, all combine to take make our UHMW Wear Pad not only unique but the best available in the industry.