Cutting-Edge Hydraulic Hose Protection

The Protection Your Forklift Deserves

The CPS2With frames and center supports made from 1.0” solid steel bar and a full coverage center plate, our center protection shields provide you with complete protection for the hydraulic hoses and free-lift cylinders located in the center of the carriage. There are two different center protection shields available for you to choose from—the CPS2 is for Class II carriages and the CPS3 is for Class III carriages.

Both our CPS2 and CPS3 are zinc coated to prevent corrosion. The center plate is 1/8” thick for the Class II and ¼” thick for the Class III, providing complete shielding for your center-mounted hydraulics and cylinders. Don’t let hydraulic hose damage cut into your bottom-line when our dependable and affordable forklift carriage devices can deliver all of the protection they need to stay safe.

Finding Savings with Our Center Protection Shields

At less than 45-pounds and with no re-rates required, our center protection devices are capable of reducing your costs while protecting your forklift center hydraulics, pallets, and products.

Within just three to six months, you will begin to notice the money you are saving by using our products. This makes it one of the smartest investments you can make when it comes to cutting down loss due to damage in your warehouse.

Contact us to learn more about how our CPSv2 and CPSv3 hose protectors work. This quality hydraulic hose protection items are available to clients from across the United States and beyond.