The Original Product Protector Pallet Protection System

Today’s business climate is more challenging than ever before, and if your competition is using a Product Protector and you aren’t, then the game is no longer even. The patented Product Protector is a forklift carriage device that offers full coverage protection for your pallets as well as the products on them.

Want to know how to reduce pallet damage? It is by using our pallet protection products! The original Product Protector allows the force of the forklift to be dispersed evenly across all three stingers or blocks of your pallet. This helps to protect your products while extending the lifespan of the pallets you use.

Saving You Money by Protecting Your Pallets

When you aren’t paying to replace or fix your pallets and damaged merchandise, then you are saving money on your bottom-line. The Product Protector is proven to more than double the life of your pallets and decreases product damage by as much as 80%. Add the patented TAB system to the mix, and instantly your device is suited for situations that have a high percentage of product overhand typically seen with beverages, bagged, or grocery items.

What is the TAB system? The TAB creates a fortress of safety by creating a safe distance between your product and the forklift. The patented swing up face feature also protects your valuable racking systems and dock plates. That means this entire system is designed to make any forklift operations you need to perform much safer and efficient.

Product Protector with Front Spacers for Product Overhang

Each Product Protector we sell is custom made to fit your specific forklift. We create our pallet protection products to work with any Class II or Class III, ANSI-approved carriage. The Product Protector installs in just a matter of minutes and is proudly made in the United States of America. Our cutting-edge product is made out of solid steel and is protected by a durable “safety orange” powder coat finish. Order the Product Protector today and show your clients and competition that you do not put up with unnecessary loss.

Why Choose the Product Protector?

  • Proven to Double the Life of the Pallet & Reduce Product Damage by up to 80%
  • Improves Stability, Safety, Site Sanitation, & Eliminates Wood Chips
  • Meets All OSHA & ANSI Requirements, OSHA-Approved
  • Fits Any ANSI-Approved Class II or III Carriage
  • Custom Fit to Each Forklift
  • Awarded the Most Innovative Product Award at MODEX 2014

Contact us to learn how to reduce pallet damage in your warehouse. Our pallet protection devices are changing the way clients from across the world are moving their product.

The Original Product Protector