PPS3 for Class III Carriages

Have a Class III carriage? Then you are going to need a PPS3 Product Protector! This forklift carriage device is a significant upgrade to any product or pallet protection systems you are currently using. Why? It is because nothing matches the lifespan, safety, and usefulness of our state-of-the-art equipment. Let us show you exactly what our pallet protector can do. Currently, this is the only pallet/product protection device available for Class III carriages.

Engineered to Perfection

The PPS3The PPS3 was engineered for ANSI Class III compliant carriages. At a width of 16.5”, this device features mainframes made from 1.0” and 1.5” solid steel bar. This allows the device to sustain a 30,000-pound impact force without failure. With a unit weight of 39.6-pounds, our pallet protection device is sure to show you why it is a smart investment as it perfectly fits onto your forklifts and improves safety and reduces damage and loss.

Speaking of improving safety; our PPS3 features an “open frame” design that is all about reducing safety concerns by improving your driver’s visibility. It has also been engineered to contact the pallet center riser well below the pallet lead board. This contact happens prior to the radius of the forks when entering the pallet, so you can better distribute the weight of the pallet and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Additionally, our model features a forward pivoting function. This function prevents damage from occurring when your operator is backing out of trailer door locks, dock plates, or rack system. Furthermore, it is coated in zinc to prevent corrosion.

The Bottom Line for Improving Your Bottom-Line

Combining increased visibility, the ability to pivot over obstructions, and the strength and sturdiness of engineered solid steel construction, the PPS3 is designed to impress both on the warehouse floor as well as when you look at how much you have saved since first implementing our equipment.

Compatible with and recommended for reach trucks, we believe that our pallet protection devices represent the most powerful return on investment in savings for your products, pallets, and personnel. Once you start using them, we are sure you will end up feeling the same way.

Contact us to learn more about what makes our PPS3 unique. This specially-engineered protection product is available to clients located across the country.

THE UHMW WEAR PAD (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene)

UHMW is a high-density polyethylene resin famed for its durability, abrasion resistance, impact resistant, low-temperature performance (to -180 degrees F) and low coefficient of friction properties.

The size of the Wear Pad can be adjusted to accommodate product that may overhang the pallet, by as much as two inches, holding the pallet away from the forks and creating the space needed to eliminate damage to your stack.

Another unique design element is that the UHMW Wear Pads are replaceable saving you time, money and increase the overall ROI.

Replaceable, durable, impact resistant, low-temperature performance, and custom sizing, all combine to take make our UHMW Wear Pad not only unique but the best available in the industry.